Carpet Cleaning

Cleaner, Healthier Carpets for a Beautiful Home

With Suffolk Rug Cleaning, you receive a wide selection of carpet cleaning services to maintain the look, health and value of your home. Because your carpets sees so much action throughout the days, it starts to show messes like dirt, stains and allergens. These messes deter from the health and beauty of your carpets and, if left untreated, can lead to long term damages and premature ageing. Avoid future problems with a complete carpet cleaning service from Suffolk Rug Cleaning.

Custom-Made Carpet Cleaning Options

We offer you four different cleaning methods to bring your dirty, faded carpets back to life. Our menu includes steam cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning and shampoo cleaning. All the methods we perform extract 100% of dirt, allergens and stains deeply embedded in carpet fibers and padding.

Our technicians, in all carpet cleaning options, use only organic and non-toxic products to give you a simply healthy clean. These products use ingredients found only in nature to fight off 100% of all stains, allergens and dirt trapped within your carpets.

Call Suffolk Rug Cleaning now to book a free, no-obligation carpet cleaning service. A clean carpet creates a beautiful, healthy home.

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