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Quick, Simple Cleaning Tips from Suffolk Rug Cleaning

Keep your home clean with the help from our cleaning experts.

Weekly Cleaning: Vacuuming your carpet and rugs on a weekly basis is the first step to keep your carpet looking and feeling clean. Without this, dirt and sand will become embedded and even impacted into the carpet’s deep layers, turning into an abrasive that cuts your carpet every time you walk on it.

Immediate Spot Removal: When a spill happens, try your best to remove the spot immediately. Waiting to remove the stain will only make it more difficult to get it out. Begin by blotting excess liquid from the carpet, then apply a diluted sudsy solution to the spot, continuing to blot, and finish with blotting the stain with cool water and blotting it dry.

The Best Household Cleaning Products: Keeping your house a constant clean can be an ongoing struggle, but don’t let stains on your carpet and rugs drag the beauty of your house down a couple of levels. Always keep a well-stocked supply of these cleaners for quick spot removal. The best cleaners are vinegar, club soda, baking soda, a mild dish soap, and salt for absorbing liquids on upholstery.

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