Rug Repair & Restoration

Save your Precious Rug with Help from Suffolk Rug Cleaning

At Suffolk Rug Cleaning, we employ only the most experienced technicians to perform our professional rug repair and restoration services. We love your fine area rug as much as you do. We appreciate its sentimental and monetary value. Therefore, when your fine rug starts to show signs of ageing and damage, you can trust Suffolk Rug Cleaning to give it the quality, tender service it needs.

Traditional Methods, Natural Ingredients

To gain a full understanding of the damages, we start our rug repair and restoration service with a gentle cleansing treatment. We remove the dirt and stains to concentrate on mending the problems completely. Once the rug dries totally, we begin the exact repair methods required to achieve an original restoration. To protect the natural, original qualities of the rug, we use only non-toxic, organic cleaning products and natural vegetable dyes.

Our rug experts use a mixture of both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. They treat your rugs with the respect and tenderness they deserve. When they finish your repairs, your rug will look and feel like a piece of artwork again.

Call Suffolk Rug Cleaning today for a free rug repair and restoration estimate. We promise to give you high quality results and reliable service.

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